Chocolate weekend

        After eating my own bodyweight in chocolate (poor, poor bunnies), watching countless movies, cooking and napping for the Easter weekend I decided to take action and get some things done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages……. including starting a blog, eeeek…. so please be patient with me as I try to figure out how to do this!

I’ve always puttered about making stuff and love to surround myself with beautiful things including many, many cushions, blankets quilts and toys….. “The Queen of Soft Furnishings” as a friend once referred to me after helping me move cities with my huge collection of lovely squishy things. So I thought I’d attempt to share my loves and labours in the pretty, colourful, squeezable and lovely.

Last year I painstakingly taught myself (with help from a magazine and YouTube) to crochet and as it’s so addictive I soon began knocking up blankets, slippers, mobile jumpers, little pointless cute things and lots of toys

This week I’ve surpassed myself and made four toys in a week, I know…. get a life! but I love the way the little fellas turn into a little character and also figuring out how to do different things to get them looking right (well, alright!)…. and you get to watch lots of movies whilst you work…. win/win!

And it’s a good feeling to make something for a surprise gift, like Betsy the Birthday Bunny for my friend Emma; or something that you know someone will love, like the requested Snoopy and little extra Woodstock for Maria.

My favourite out of these is definitely this appliqué bunny….. partly because he was my Easter treat to myself (and I’d been meaning to make something out of the yellow tweed blanket scrap for ages) but also because he’s not crochet and I’ve learnt that I can appliqué (somewhat scrappily) too.

  I hope that you’ve had a lovely chocolate fuelled Easter and that you too feel like springing into action now that the winter is (hopefully) past…. and I hope that the spring in my step lasts too


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