Nice drawers!

So 5 hours later my attic room is 5 binbags full of junk lighter. It gets quite additive chucking stuff out, I decided if it doesn’t have a home and hasn’t been used recently it’s out…. for a serial hoarder that’s definite progress. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a haven of tranquility just yet but it’s usable and back to its former girly glory, at one end of the room anyway!

The other end of the room is still stacked with stuff but I have a plan… ahaha! Inspired by this sort of thing from


I’ve decided to use two old drawers from a chest that a friend and I liberated from a bin yard (the other two drawers make good-looking under sofa storage) and rather than stack them as above, I want to attach them to the wall one above the other to make some shelves.

I’d hoped to get them done today and got out the paint (turquoise for the ‘frame’ and bright pink for the back/ inside of the drawer) but I’d been naively thinking I could nail them to the wall but even without stuff on them they are HEAVY…… so I need brackets, and a friend with a drill and spare pair of hands (and if they’ve got a car even better, then I can finally take the boxes full of books to the charity shop. Winner!)


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