Spring (not so) clean

Despite my good intentions, yesterday I didn’t manage to get much spring cleaning and sorting done.  I did clean the kitchen and make some lovely onion marmalade whilst I cleaned…. but that is small fry compared to the ‘three big cleans’ namely the cellar, my wardrobe and the attic room.

Last year I spruced up the attic room hoping to use it for crafty capers

I painted up old furniture, sorted and organised

and prettified….

until I had a nice light colourful space that kind of reminded me of my childhood bedroom….. ideal for making things, including a mess that could be left behind in the attic if I wanted.   The trouble is that I’ve created that mess and then some, and left the room at the mercy of my girl cat Kudu who loves to stretch out in the sun up there and kick anything off anything so that she gets her sun….. she’s my mad lady in the attic, every house should have one.

So one of my resolutions for my Easter break was to clear out the junk and the hairballs, tidy up the abandoned Christmas decorations and reclaim my crafty room so that I can crack out the sewing machine ( that was last used in about 1997!)

Although it’s already lunchtime I’m gonna carpe what’s left of that diem.


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