Back to the grindstone

After a lovely couple of weeks off work I’m back to it tomorrow and I’m doing that Sunday evening thing of eking out the last drops of the weekend (Antiques Roadshow included obviously!)

Yesterday I caught up with my lovely, longtime bestie C who is often out-of-town, so it was great to catch up over a Big Cooked Breakfast and lots of tea.

I spent last night painting up the drawers for the attic room (pics to follow later) and I’m thinking it might work ok.

Crochetwise I’ve got lots of commissions from friends for toys and things recently which is quite exciting so I’ve been working on this little chap over the weekend too


apologies for the slightly dodgy pic!  but he’s coming along…… just needs arms and a few finishing touches and I’ll be ready to start on the twin mice that I’m making for the robot owners little twin brother and sister.

I would love to spend all my days making and stitching but someones got to keep the cats in biscuits…. so I’ve packed up my lovely lunch box with treats to keep me happy


I know…. it’s for children really but it keeps me smiling at work.

So I’m going for a soak in the bath and then start a new book to send me off to sleep. Goodnight


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