April Showers

There’s supposed to be a drought on in our country at the moment, but I swear I could fill a reservoir if I wrung out the bottom of my jeans after my journey home from work today!

I love a Wednesday (“an anything could happen day” as it says in the film Angel Heart) because I work half a day and always get a little thrill as I leave the office thinking I’ve got a Whole Afternoon….. simple pleasures.

My oldest cat Lenny


is a bit poorly at the moment (he’s 80 in cat years so he’s getting an old man) and has been taking himself off up to the attic for a bit of peace and quiet, so I’ve put the painting and shelf making on hold until he feels a bit better so his little hideaway stays peaceful….. poor little man, he’s still purring away though! He’s come downstairs and had some dinner now and I’ve put the super luxury cashmere blend blanket that I made (crocheted in Super Chunky Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss) on the sofa next to me so he can curl up in luxury as a special poorly-treat; usually totally off limits to anyone with more than two legs!

I’ve finished the robot for little BImage

he was requested after little Bs mum spotted a picture of this one that I’d made last year


and I’m now wondering whether or not I should write patterns as I make things….. it’s hard to make the same thing twice if your not working from patterns, but on the other hand it does make each little fella completely unique. Hopefully little B and his mum will like their little robot! and now I’ve started on the twin mice for little Bs twin younger brother and sister. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m glad to be inside making little toys today…. I’ll leave the rain for the garden to enjoy, I’m sure the plants will appreciate it even if I don’t!    I might go put the kettle on.


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