Emergency Baking

There are some occasions in life when a nice cup of tea simply will not do. I know….. but it is true, it comes close but just isn’t quite there. Such situations could include a bad day at work, getting soaked through on your way home, pay day being close but not close enough….. (these are of course purely hypothetical!) Some people might feel that this is a time for gin or a good workout, but for me it is precisely the time for an emergency bake.

These situations have a certain level of distress coupled with an excess of energy which can only be resolved by the two fold reward of the emergency bake – the cathartic process of the act and of course, cake. A good workout is cathartic but involves no cake; and gin, well it’s called ‘mothers ruin’ for a reason and perhaps best saved for a higher level of emergency (and involves no cake.)

I find that at such times ‘off-piste’ or maverick baking is particularly gratifying as it satisfies that “do you know what? Right now I just don’t care!” aspect of your mood….. in a ‘take that Hairy Bikers! Who needs recipes anyway!’ type rebelliousness. However caution should be taken, if your distress outweighs your rebellious energy a bake-failure could be the last straw (in which case you might as well have gone straight to gin…. or bed!)… but a success and you can add the third benefit of ‘baker smugness’ to to the list.

As I write a strawberry and vanilla maverick bake is in the oven and I have a strong feeling that neither smugness nor cake will be the reward for my efforts…. but I’ll always have the experience!

I’m going to take off my wet clothes and find that gin!


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