Lazy days and clean sheets

So the maverick, Strawberry and Vanilla bake didn’t turn out too bad…. it wasn’t really that maverick, just a regular 4:4:4:2 cake (sounds like a football line up or whatever they call it!) with vanilla essence, a couple of big dollops of strawberry jam and a random amount of extra flour so it wasn’t too wet with a tsp of baking powder to make sure it rose.


Not too shabby, but very sweet…. I reckon if I ever did it again I’d reduce the sugar a bit…. but it hit the spot and was the perfect antidote to soggy feet and a rubbish day with a cup of Yorkshire Tea, of course.



Today I’ve been pretty lazy and even went back to bed for a nap after breakfast and a bit of painting in the attic (Lenny the cat is feeling much better and didn’t mind me painting, in fact he supervised, but didn’t prevent Pumms the cat from gaining an ‘Electric Teal’ stripe down his side…. the drawer/shelves are coming on and I really will take some pictures tomorrow)

I have been up to a couple of Special, Secret Things which I will definately share soon when they don’t have to be so secret…. so probably not totally lazy but a nice easy day…. although I’m looking forward to my bed as it’s Clean Sheets tonight… love that! and always try to make it happen before a day off so that I can have a lovely long lie in…. might even have breakfast in bed.


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