Grim up north!

Today is so cold and wet and miserable :(


but on the plus side…. it’s paaaaay daaaaaay!!! Whoop!

And that means little treats… like this sunny little plant


which should help keep the grey at bay. And it means something NICE for tea… moussaka, Greek salad and cherry cheesecake for afters…. hurrah! (all shop bought – just for today!)

And it means that i’ve been able to get some new yarn for the twin mice toys. I’ve been working on the head of one mouse for probably about a week (which is ridiculous because it should only take about an hour) but I’ve been using some so-called Aran (worsted if you’re across the pond!) that when stitched up is so not Aran weight!!  It’s been frustrating me to use it but I’ve had to wait until pay day to get a substitute.

So today I’ve sought out a decent Aran weight yarn (not my favourite, but I’d have to go out of town to get that… in this weather? Nah!) it’s a Baby Aran (so super soft for the baby twinnies) by King Cole and I’ve just started with it and I’m quite pleased.

I always think there must be something wrong if I’m not crocheting away at every opportunity and I know ‘it’s a bad workman who blames his tools’ but there’s nothing worse than a yarn that stretches slightly, stitches up thin and splits when you’re stitching; and it puts me off working with it.

My favourite way of making toys is with Aran weight and around a 3.5mm hook, this creates nice tight stitches so you can’t see the stuffing through them and they make a nice firm but squeezable toy that holds it’s shape well… so I was really pleased to find a nice Baby Aran in town, no doubt I’ll be back for more.

Of course I was drooling away over some gorgeous Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend yarn in the most beautiful soft turquoise and pinks…. but I’ll store that on my internal wish list and maybe make myself a treat out of it later in the year.

I also found this really nice ribbon/tape/binding (part of a bundle of three for £1, bargain!)


I’m thinking of making a necklace out of it….. maybe some crochet or fabric flowers? or hot pink (my current fav!) beads? maybe both? What do you reckon?

Anyway… watch this space, I’m hoping to be well on the way with the lil mouses by tomorrow and take some pics of the (slow) progress drawer/shelves.

But for now…. might have a cheeky glass of wine…..  well it is pay day


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