Pink Fridge!!

We bought and moved into this little house 11 years ago (I say we, but the cats have never contributed a penny…. freeloaders!) and the fridge came with house. It was old and skanky then (the fridge – the house wasn’t too bad apart from the wallpaper; oh and the pig tiles in the bathroom…. yes pig!   but that’s another story) but the kitchen units had been built to house the fridge which isn’t a standard size (sigh!) so there are few fridge options out there unless I completely re-fit the kitchen and that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. But it works still the old thing…. old not in any type of attractive, retro way but more in an ‘I was once white’ kind of way.

Anyway I had an impromptu brainwave whilst buying washing powder and other dull necessities this morning and this is the result


PINK FRIDGE!!      ooooh I like it and I’m quite tempted to do the washing machine next, just the bit around the round bit (although that would probably end in tears…. tricky I reckon those round bits) maybe in a different colour? Maybe I should just calm down before everything in the house is covered in the stuff.

I used some sticky- backed plastic (never got a Blue Peter badge either!) or vinyl called ‘d-c-fix’ in Magenta Gloss and to be honest when I got it I planned to do the inside of the kitchen cupboards (which were also ‘once white’) as I started them last year, but the high gloss is perfect for white goods and my uncleanable fridge was begging for an update.


(please excuse the dodgy pic, I was quite excited and the mucky floor….  there’s no excuse for that :)  )

You can either cut to the exact size before sticking it on, or if like me you’re not very neat and precise you can cut to bigger than necessary, stick it in place and then trim carefully with a sharp craft knife (that method should also be easier for working around the washing machine door too I reckon)

My tips for sticking it down are to peel off a bit at the top, stick it and work smoothing downwards and outwards to try to prevent any bubbles. I did get some bubbles but just pulled it up and towards me and re-smoothed it down again.

I still got some little bubbles but hid them with the fridge magnets :)  I’m hoping it will last ok for a while and gives me and my trusty fridge some more happy years together!


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