Crochet iPhone jumper

My lovely friend K had a birthday at the weekend and so as I previously mentioned I’ve been doing some Special Secret Things…… secret because they were birthday surprises.

We haven’t found time to meet up yet but I posted a little parcel with some postable bits in (it’s nice to open little gifts on your birthday, but the heavier things can wait until we meet) including this jumper for Ks new iPhone.

It wasn’t that secret to be fair as K had asked me to make one and we’d even agreed on the colour of the yarn…. but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

So now that the parcel has been opened I can share this and how to make it…. it’s super easy.

For this I used Alafoss Lopi yarn available from here in some lovely colours, I used teal. I love working with Lopi, it’s Icelandic, it’s chunky so it stitches up quick and is 100% wool that’s quite unprocessed (sometimes you get a tiny bit of straw stuck in it!) and it makes amazing winter hats.

I used a 6mm hook so that the stitches are quite dense…. you could even make it slightly bigger and then wash it at a high temperature for a bit of a felted effect, if you fancied, I might give it a try myself.

You will also need 1 darning needle, 1 button (with big enough holes to get the darning needle through if you want to attach with the same yarn)

Chain 18

1dc (or sc in US speak) in the third stitch from the hook and in each stitch until the end of the row, turn

1 ch, 1 dc in next stitch and in each until the end of the row (repeat 16 times)

(You might want to check at this point if the piece is tall enough to just cover your phone, if not, do another row)

Tie off and fold in half, sew with yarn and darning needle down the side and across the bottom.

Attach yarn two stitches in from the side seam at the top (this is for creating the flap to fold over from the back to the front)

1ch, 1 dc in next 3 stitches turn ( repeat x5)

9 ch (or the desired length to fit over your chosen button) and tie off leaving a tail long enough to attach the chain to flap securely with the darning needle (to create a button loop)

Sew on the button to the front, roughly about four rows from the top, or where your button loop falls.

And you’re done!

I devised this pattern when I was in distress, sat crying because I couldn’t work my new iPhone I decided to do something that made more sense to me and would make me feel better and crocheted this…. so I apologise if the pattern doesn’t make much sense (any feedback gratefully received!)      However, it worked and now me and my iPhone are the very best of friends :)


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