Flea market finds

If there’s one thing I love, love, love it’s a leisurely rummage through an old junk shop or flea market. I even have dreams where I find attics in secret places filled to the brim with piles of old stuff that I have a good root through to find lovely treasures (resist the urge to psychoanalyse that…..  please!)

I get saddened by the decline of charity and junk shops and the boom in glossier vintage shops and on-line auctions that take away the joy of finding a gorgeous diamond in the rough.

Years ago in the city centre here there were a few ‘antique’ centres and junk shops where I used to rummage to my heart’s content and find old indian skirts, jewellery and bits and bobs for the house; sadly most of those places have closed.

But there’s a flea market once a week in the city, on a day when I usually work, so once in a while I take some flexi-time and treat myself to a browse; in the past I’ve found  old Welsh wool blankets, printing stamps, faded, lead toy farm animals and all sorts of lovely bits.

So today I flexed off down there and got myself some little treasures for literally pennies…

a pretty, old tea glass

a 1960’s, Norwegian dish (20p!)



an old, toy squirrel! He is soooo lovely….. my heart skipped a beat :) :)

One mans junk is another mans joy and these little things are pure bits of joy….. well I think so anyway.




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