Cake envy

I love a bit of baking and I’d even say that I’m alright at it too (if you ignore dropping half the mixture on the floor and similar mishaps) but my friend D of ‘Sally Cinnamon Cakes’ makes even the king of my best efforts look like something brought home from primary school……

I know! Amazing…. these are seriously beautiful cakes.

Even the beautiful peony is edible, it’s made out of rice paper.

Years ago D made this little birthday cake for my lovely bestie C, with a tiny edible version of him on the top :) so cute!! and her cute and personalised cakes have just got better and better.

How amazing is this Sponge Bob burger for a neighbours little boy?

Yep Ds amazing skills have me literally green with envy :)………… so I’m thrilled that she has agreed to do a guest post for us here at Clothmonkey….. yay! I’m thinking maybe a tutorial?   ….. so let me know if you have any ideas of what you’d like see her do…..  I’m excited!

If you’d like to see more or get in touch you can do it here!/sallycinnamoncakes




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