Hurrah for friends!

So the first ever sourdough turned out a success and I took a loaf of it, along with some Jamaican Chicken Soup, round to lovely bestie C who had just got back after time away so I thought he’d appreciate some home cooking.

C gave me some Amazing Chocolate that he’d picked up on his travels

Almost too gorgeous to open…..

but hey it is chocolate! :)   and gorgeous, intense chocolate too

so I made a super luxury hot chocolate and slept like log……. thanks C! Hurrah for friends! ………  (I’ve just been for a cheeky nibble now actually, writing this got me a craving….. but you only need a teeny tiny bit to satisfy, it’s so lovely and intense)

In other news……

There’s a gaggle of unfinished or undelivered toys on my table….. anymore mice and we’ll need to call in Rentokil!…….. they look quite happy and cute all bundled up together, but they are my priority for the weekend, so they can go off to their new homes. Hurrah for the weekend too!!


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