Attic room love <3

A few weeks ago I mentioned some old drawers that I’ve been planning on using as shelving in my crammed full attic room…. well…. ta dah!!

perhaps not so finished as they are still on the floor and I ideally want them to make it horizontally on to the wall….. it will happen at some point, but for the time being they are quite good for stacking books and things and of course as a pretty back drop for Lenny Bear’s naps :)

The one on the left I stamped with an old indian wooden stamp block in teal, duck egg and then gold (the stamp block looks pretty good now and is on display in the bathroom!) and the one on the right I stuck lengths of sari braid across (I liked that so much that I used the rest of the braid on the edge of an orange shelf up here too.)

Whilst I was at it (and in keeping with the whole indian vibe) I painted up this ‘LOVE’ sign that used to be gold (and as lovely bestie C said “a bit Pottery Barn” hehe) and stuck bhindis on it.

I quite like it (I’d like it better up on the wall….. but patience is a virtue!)

and since I was enjoying slapping paint about I gave my old sewing machine table a little bit of colour too…..

the top of it had been wrecked from years of watering an enormous cheese plant without a big saucer underneath so it’s possibly an improvement…. but part of me thinks that it looks like a primary school accident :)

but I do love the little drawer on the front painted up…. and hope other people might too as since this has been painted I’ve decided that it might be a plan to get a new sewing machine as this one is probably over 50 years old and not the easiest thing to use……. if you have any recommendations of good sewing machines I’d very grateful to hear about them :)





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