Box of delights

Earlier this week I had a lovely afternoon road trip to a pretty little village to pick up an old sewing box/table. Getting to spend the afternoon with a very dear friend, stopping for a meal on the way home and seeing fields in bright yellow bloom were all lovely added bonuses.

Since then I’ve been sorting through loads of amazing old sewing, crochet and knitting paraphernalia…. what a joy!

This was just the top layer…. there is so much stuff! Old beautiful tins filled with vintage buttons, needle cases, pincushions, so many knitting needles, crochet hooks and different sewing needles; and lots of beautiful vintage lace and crochet…

This is a selection of some of the lace that I spent the following afternoon carefully pressing to use in making toys and pretty things.

One of my favourite bits (as well as the old Anadin tin) is this little hanky case

I’ve put a tissue with a few drops of lavender and camomile oil inside it and put it in my bed to send me off to peaceful sleep :)

Whoever owned this box was an amazing crochet inspiration, much of the lace in the box was handmade with the tiny little lace hooks in there

One day I hope that I can have developed my patience and skills enough to make such beautiful delicate work like this and the pretty edged handkerchiefs also in the box.

What a lovely treasure trove! I hope to do up the box to become the table for my new sewing machine. (when I get one) use lots of the lovely old bits for making and inspiration; and sell what I won’t use (lots of knitting things) at a market that K and I are doing at the end of the month.

Wherever the lovely old lady who owned these things is now I hope she knows that her treasures bring delight and inspiration still :)


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