Crochet away and sweet Honeysuckle

Over the past week I’ve been non-stop doing stuff, I swear I’m solar-powered as when the sun’s shining bright I can’t sit still, I wake at the crack of dawn and keep going ’til I drop….. my friend S is in Norway at the moment where he says there is almost 24 hour daylight; it’s a good thing that I don’t live there or I’d been in full-blown mania :)

But for the past couple of days the rain has returned and today I slept in ’til lunch! What a slattern! Although when I’m off work I do tend towards the nocturnal too, so no wonder I’m worn out.

Anyway… this last week I’ve been happily crocheting away

I learned how to make these sweet little roses and sat on the doorstep getting sunburnt as I made them :) These are to trim a pair of slippers that I’ve been asked to make, but I’m thinking in the future maybe little rose cluster brooches, necklaces and hair bands.

I’ve also almost finished a toy cat for little baby S, his mum wanted one for his first birthday…..

He looks a bit funny at the moment, but I’m hoping he’ll be ok when he’s all put together.

I’ve also splashed out on some Baby Cashmere Marino Silk by Sublime that I fell in love with a few weeks ago….

and started on a little something just for me :) I’d love to make a big oversized scarf with this, it’s so soft and beautiful, but it would cost a small fortune; so I’m making myself a toy and if it works out I might start to sell luxury baby toys…. we’ll see how it goes.

And finally I have found some mushroom coloured yarn for a toy chicken that H’s mum asked me to make for her new bedroom

A whole house extension (including little H’s bedroom) has almost been built whilst I’ve been searching for this yarn….. and finally some turned up on eBay; so if I get a wriggle on I might just get it finished in time.

All the lovely sun we had also solar-powered my lovely Honeysuckle plant on the garden fence, I’ve never seen it looking so vital and covered with flowers, to the extent that I could cut a bunch to bring indoors and the plant is still full of lovely blooms

I’m not sure how well Honeysuckle cope as cut flowers but I hope they last ok, they look so gorgeous :)


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