(not so) Jubilant biscuits

60 years of The Queen and we have a lovely long weekend to enjoy with as much red, white and blue bunting, cucumber sandwiches and Pimms as we see fit. Not that I remember it but I celebrated her Silver Jubilee, fully kitted out in red, white and blue and no doubt enjoyed lots of cake

30 years on, I’m no royalist but I did watch ‘Roman Holiday’ for the first time the other day (lovely lazy afternoon movie) and got to thinking that, as well as the obvious perks, it is quite a service for a young woman to be an endlessly appropriate and cordial figurehead, no nipping to the shop in your pj bottoms or taking duvet days…. so well done Queenie…. and any excuse for a party :)

And I was kindly invited to a “Buns and Bunting” party with some friends so I stocked up on gin and tonic and made a batch of biscuits to take along

I used a super simple recipe, a bit like shortbread:

12og butter

50g golden castor sugar

175g flour

vanilla essence (but any flavour would be good, zest of one lemon? sprinkle of lavender maybe?)

  • Pre – heat oven to 180
  •  Rub butter (saving aside a little sliver) into flour until like fine breadcrumbs.
  • Add sugar.
  • Melt little sliver of butter and add to the mixture to help bind into a dough
  • Roll out quite thin and cut out shapes
  • Place on a tray covered in baking parchment in the oven for 6- 10 mins

I used tiny little bite-sized hearts, partly because they look quite sweet, but mostly because I only have heart-shaped cutters :)

this quantity made about 40 little hearts ( but obviously a few were testers! yum)

I left them until the following day to ice (the shop had run out of icing sugar…. probably due to all the jubilee baking going on)…..

but unfortunately the day of the party I was too poorly to ice or to party :(   and I’d even got some little red, white and blue sugar beads too!

So my biscuits were never jubilated….. but they taste quite nice anyway….. and I spent the day in bed with painkillers, movies and a bit of crochet…. with no bunting in sight

but I did get chance in bed with my laptop to properly research my new sewing machine and have one ordered…. whoop! Now that is cause for jubilation :)


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