Very jubilant Eton Mess

So to make up for missing the buns and bunting I’ve treated myself to a lovely day…. sunday papers, new nail varnish (Sand Tropez by Essie – bit weird but I like it), heard a brass band playing “Take on me” by A-ha :) and a super nice sunday lunch followed by this…

Eton mess is filthy good; summery, gooey indulgence and awfully, awfully British…. this one is a bit of a twist on the original, partly inspired by Gordon Ramsey; using raspberries instead of strawberries (I like them much more) and some added ginger, lime zest and mint.

Raspberry, Ginger and Mint Eaton Mess

One large tub of double cream

Half a tub of mascarpone cheese

45g castor sugar

One punnet raspberries

2 sprigs of mint (stripped, chopped leaves, saving some for garnish)

Nubbin of ginger (finely grated)

Zest of half a lime

8-10 ready-made meringues

  • Set aside a couple of raspberries to garnish each serving and lightly mash the rest in a bowl and save in fridge.
  • Put cream and mascarpone in another bowl and combine, add sugar and whisk lightly so the mixture is light and soft, not too stiff.
  • Add mint, ginger, lime zest and meringues (crushed into bite-sized pieces in hands) and fold through the mixture.
  • Add the crushed raspberries and fold in so they ripple through the mixture rather than the whole thing turning pink.

  • Pile into chilled glasses or bowls and garnish with raspberries and mint leaves (and mini flags if your feeling jubilicious!)

If you prefer something slightly less rich and creamy (and slightly more heart friendly) you can add yoghurt instead of mascarpone…. or use just cream…. but since your using double cream anyway, in for a penny in for a pound?


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