Box of delights updated

Please excuse the dodgy picture, but this was the box of delights that I was so excited to pick up last week…..

and here it is now… atticified into my lovely new sewing table :)

and it seems to have made itself at home very nicely

and this beautiful Bougainvillea plant that I got a at the garden centre with lovely friend Em yesterday looks very much at home too

I left the rim around the edge of the lid in the original wood as I like bright, matt colour with original wood and I painted it in “Proud Peacock” by Dulux (using just two tester pots at £1 a piece… bargain!)

I left the inside in original wood too and lined it all with a bright red and pink wrapping paper and Pritt-stick…. now it’s my very own box of delights :)

And I can’t wait to get my new sewing machine to use it on this table

The attic is such a lovely little haven now…. the rest of the house is more sedate but I see the top room as somewhere that I can let my creativity and childlike self have…. it’s a lot like my childhood bedroom that was baby blue with bright pink painted utility furniture…. so it’s filled with things that make me happy

like this amazing poster that lovely bestie C found in the old attic of a pub that we both worked in as teenager and he kindly gave it to me; it reminds me of birthday cards I used to get as a child…. like a psychedelic Holly Hobby or something

and of course lots of comfy, cozy crochet :)


2 thoughts on “Box of delights updated

  1. What a lovely transformation! I must admit I and a couple of good friends craftily inclined love visiting op-shops and jumble sales for pieces such as these. Enjoy your time working with the contents of the box.

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