Summer rain and secret things

Today it has poured with that heavy summer rain that we seem to get in late afternoons over recent summers. I didn’t put up my umbrella but let myself get drenched as I was on my way home so I thought I could afford to enjoy the feeling.

I took this photo  as I left work.

I loved the darkness under the trees against the bright green, wet grass and thought that it seemed to hold some promise of special, secret things like deep, dark woods do…. I think I need to take some time out of the city and go to where it’s green and there are lovely woods to explore…

and on the subject of special, secret things; I bought this notebook for myself the other day….

I’ve always kept notebooks of thoughts and wishes…. a place for my own special, secret things. Recently, after doing a long course in psychoanalysis, I had decided to have a rest from recording my ponderings though (since that’s what the course required of us, lots and often!) so maybe buying this book means that I’m ready to think again :) ….. or maybe I was just seduced by how lovely the book is, I just love it.

And unfortunately my new sewing machine remains a secret, as when I got home (with a poor drenched Pumie cat desperate to get inside) there was a missed delivery card :( and I won’t be around to have it delivered until next week!!! Noooooo! but the extra wait will make me even more excited for it to arrive (even though it will probably have me in tears :D ….. I have little patience when it comes to getting used to using new things.)

but today in a charity shop I bought an old, thick, cotton, striped shirt to use to make little hearts and lavender bags on the new machine…

and two really good, bargain table cloths for a pound each; one for making and one for using for best because I plan to have Auntie Eileen round for tea and she likes a well pressed table cloth :)

So I’m curled up in the warm and dry now with the napping cats, a bit of crocheting and gin and tonic….. getting soaked in the rain makes this feel all the nicer.


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