Sleepy saturday and smiley garden

Today I am truly the sleepiest sleepy thing….

I did get up at 6am, had some strawberries and coffee, put a wash on, cleaned the cat litters, then had a bath and went back to bed until late afternoon….. lovely :) a guilt-free sleepy day.

When I finally got dressed and made it out of the house the little garden was looking lovely and colourful… and made me smile.

Last weekend some of my very young neighbours ‘helped’ me do some potting….. helping (amongst some actual potting) meant for two year old C, building sandcastles in the pots onto the paving :) then trampling them…. she is such a little cutie.

Five year old A has always been fascinated by my garden since he moved into the street and he loves to come and look at the flowers and ask endless questions, so I taught him about roots and showed him how to re-pot and he re-potted this beautiful blue pansy

When we’d finished and I started the long process of tidying and sweeping, little A sighed and I asked him what was wrong “I wish this was my garden.” he said. And in a way it is now that he has helped me plant it…. he’s been to visit a couple of times since then to check how ‘his’ plants are coming on :) ….. having had those little helpers has (despite the compost castles and broken garden ornaments!) got my little garden making me smile even more than usual.


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