Teriyaki Salmon and New Potatoes

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies….”

One of the difficulties of being a single lady (or gent) is buying and eating food…. for example yesterday I got a big tray of salmon, some asparagus and peas in pods, all at half price….. bargains! but good deals in food rarely come in small portions so now I have salmon and veg to eat for days. Most sensible people would freeze stuff but I prefer to eat things fresh if possible, this means doing something different with the same thing to keep my taste buds amused over the next few days.

(I apologise that there are no photos with this, but I was too ravenous to be finding my phone and takings pics :) )

But this is what I’ve done with the salmon tonight…..

1 salmon steak

6 – 10 new potatoes (I used and love charlotte potatoes and got a 2 for 1 deal on those last week :) )

olive oil

1tsp golden castor sugar

soy sauce

sesame oil

mirin (it’s cooking sake, a bit like dry sherry)

  • Set oven at 200
  • cut up the potatoes and boil until just tender
  • drizzle olive oil into a roasting tray and put in salmon.
  • sprinkle sugar, then sesame oil, the soy sauce, then mirin over the salmon and the tray (usually you would mix the sauce and marinade the fish, but I find that this method lets the sugar caramelise in the tray a bit which is lovely on the potatoes.)
  • Cook salmon uncovered in the oven for 10 mins ish
  • Add the potatoes around the fish and give a good shake to coat in the oil and sauce.
  • Return to the oven for another 10 mins ish
  • Serve with nice steamed veg

Your potatoes may look alarmingly black as they have absorbed the sauce and hopefully crisped a little in places with the caramelised sugar…. but I think they taste sooo good, a bit nutty, very savoury with dark sweetness….. mmmmm!

Now I need to think of something for tomorrow……. but I might just be tempted to do this again :)…. if I do I promise I’ll take a picture this time!


One thought on “Teriyaki Salmon and New Potatoes

  1. That sounds delicious. I’ve not heard of Mirin before. All together that combination sounds like a taste sensation! I put honey with soy sauce sometimes and other times use soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce together, which are both lush. Mmmm, I’ve feeling hungry!

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