Crochet cats and cardigans

I finally finished this cat for S and her little boy’s first birthday….

I really should stick to doing one thing at a time to prevent toys sitting dismembered on the table for a week or so….. that said I’m on with three other things at the moment that have been sidelined since Little A my five year old neighbourhood gardener spotted this cat and asked if he could pleeeease have a kitten, a red one :)

To prevent being reminded every morning that I promised I’d make a him a red kitten, I started it today and just have arms, legs and tail to do…. a little thank you for his help with the garden :)

Also this weekend I’ve dyed this big old cardigan…

I bought this in a sale years and years ago, it was huge on me (not so huge on me now! :/) but I loved the colour and used to use it as a cosy cardigan in the attic room whilst I sat up all night writing papers for my course; after years in the sunny attic it has seriously faded in places and as I can’t find a suitable summer jacket I thought I’d try and give this old thing an update…… I still love the colour but went for navy blue to try to cover all the fading.

It’s drying at the moment so I’ll update with pics when it’s done….


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