Poorly house

Our house is a poorly house at the moment…. I’m poorly and so is poor Lenny Bear

so I went and got medicine for us both and treated old man Lenny to a new cozy mattress for his bed under the old couch…. of course at first he ignored it and went and slept on something he shouldn’t upstairs (why do cats do that?) but now he’s curled up for the night in his newly comfied up bed.

And I seem to be perfecting olympic standard sleeping…. I’d definitely achieve a gold medal; and the rest of the time I’m a bit fed up because my new sewing machine is in its new home in the attic (whoooop!) but I don’t feel up to using it yet and can’t even crochet for very long….. so I’m a bit bored and frustrated and grumpy grrrrr :(

However I’ve got some medicine so I should be on the mend and the sewing machine isn’t going anywhere so I’ll have lots of time to make friends with it (or fall out with it! I hope not…..) when I’m feeling better.

Lenny Bear doesn’t seem too phased though, his ‘eat, sleep, sit in the street, eat, cuddle, purr, eat some more and sleep’ routine seems to going on as usual… maybe I should take a leaf out of his book (apart from the sitting in the street and purring :) ) and relax a bit.



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