I have a weakness for ceramics and in particular jugs (which is really quite ironic if you know me physically, I am rather ‘blessed’ ….or cursed depending on your perspective). I don’t remember ever consciously deciding to collect jugs but I do seem to have amassed what is quite definitely a collection.

Big jugs….

like this old NHS custard server.

Little jugs…

and some teeny tiny….

Very old jugs…

completely modern jugs

or my favourite design period for ceramics, art deco

but whether they’re plain and beautifully shaped….

or highly decorative…..

I don’t know why, but I just seem to love them and this is just a selected few (I thought I’d probably bored you to tears already!)

But one of my favourite places to go and perv over ceramics is here http://www.dorisandco.co.uk/  Doris and Co. hand make, beautiful, traditional British pottery with added wit and wisdom…. they’re well worth a look. Their stuff gives me the same feeling as watching “The Antiques Roadshow” after sunday dinner,  listening to the shipping forecast on Radio 4 or sitting by the fire with a good cup of tea and scones; something nostalgic and safe feeling.

My absolute favourite of theirs is this gorgeous mug…..

(with Doris and Co. cat, Frank :) ) I’ve had my eye on this for a while…. and dropped a few hints on deaf ears around Christmas :)

But it sums up that feeling perfectly for me…. just lovely!

And at the moment Doris and Co. have a 20% discount on their kitchen jug, the ‘Burmaiden’….

use the code “Burmaidenjune” …. what a treat! I might have to take this opportunity to invest in a Burmaiden to add to my collection and finally have an actual piece of Doris and Co. to perv over :)

and finally, here’s something that seemed quite apt (see my last post) for my lovely friend K :)


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