“Holiday! …..it would be so nice”

Maybe it’s because it’s a bit sunny today, or maybe it’s just well needed (as I haven’t been properly away for years)….. but my thoughts are wandering to getting away at the moment.

Maybe also it’s because M is away working in South Africa and sending me updates about his safari adventures ……. and today sent this cute picture of dolls left in the hotel room to let the cleaners know what you would like….

maybe I’ve got travel envy…. so I’ve been looking for some ideas. It would help if I wasn’t thinking Antigua or Mexico :)

I have been considering (more realistically!) Tuscany/Florence or maybe St. Ives in Cornwall…. but nothing has inspired me enough to book yet.

But today has turned into a mini holiday at home….. or at least a substitute Sunday, as I spent most of actual Sunday asleep, or in the recovery position, after my long Saturday night with old friends :)

I had plans for lots of work today but instead I’ve done some more with the crochet bird….

accompanied with a lovely film (and a cheeky glass of wine… it was a french film :) that’s my excuse!)

And I’m cooking the teeny tiny chicken that I had intended for Sunday dinner (but was too fragile to tackle) and it smells gorgeous in the kitchen…. so today has a bit of a ‘special’ feeling.

Growing up, Sundays always had a bit of a ‘special’ feeling, we always had roast dinner together and did things as a family, traditional style…. so I these days I try to keep Sundays as a bit of a special day (every week should have one!)

Adding to my substitute Sunday ‘special’ feeling, my package arrived from Doris & co today….

so beautifully wrapped

all cocooned in tissue and scattered with dried roses (even Kudu cat was delighted :) )

Since their summer sale is on…(http://www.dorisandco.co.uk/ )  I treated myself to the jug in the background and, so kindly, was sent this beautiful mug for linking them here on Clothmonkey….. I love it…. thank you!   (although after Saturday night I’m not feeling so worthy of a reward for innocence! :)  )

So BIG thanks to Doris & Co, so loving your stuff and thrilled to be drinking tea from such a lovely mug :) :)

Here’s to more little ‘special’ days and holiday days at home…. and hopefully I’ll be inspired to book myself a proper break away soon.


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