Flea market from the other side

The title sounds like a junk stall run by spirits….. but next week my friend K and I are doing a stall at an afternoon flea market and this is new for me as I’m usually rummaging and buying at flea markets, not selling.

I had thought it was this week and started to panic at the end of the week because I’d got nothing sorted…. I was very relieved to have a weeks grace.

I have a lot of stuff…. and not all of it is beautiful or useful to me, so this flea market is a great idea….. the trouble is that much of the stuff that I would like to sell is buried somewhere or needs lots of time to sort it out. However I started filling a box yesterday and it’s going ok I think.

Although it’s not a vintage or craft stall, I have lots of vintage costume jewellery to sell and I had hoped to have time to make a few things to take down too…..

with lots of orders for crochet toys and things on I definitely won’t be able to make any of those to take but today I filled some lavender bags (I didn’t make the bags but bought them a few years ago) and made these pincushions to take…

I made one of these for myself last year using a tiny old plant pot and some old tweed and I use it almost every day, so I thought I’d see if anyone else liked them….. old seedling pots are quite hard to find so I used some old baking tins instead and added vintage hatpins and buttons.

My potter about in the attic was cut short by Pumie cat sneaking out of the window and on to the roof…. then shouting at me because he didn’t know how to get back in….. we’ve been here before when he was tiny and chased out of the window by Kudu cat…. the result then was a sky – diving kitten and hundreds of pounds at the vets! It was awful and he still sits with his pinned leg stuck out at a funny angle…. he’s the most expensive, bionic cat in town!

Thankfully I managed to grab him and get him inside….

and after a mad half hour chasing pencils and things (I think he was a bit freaked out!) he’s settled down for an attic nap :)


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