The crochet bird chronicles 2 (feet or no feet)

Following my rubbish week and disastrous attempts at cheering myself up, I decided yesterday to let myself be rubbish….. as Bjork says “if your day is broken, fall into the cracks” (or something similar) and I would generally agree as long as you don’t stay there for too long!

One thing I can usually rely on is crochet….. there’s something very meditative about the repetitive action and counting stitches (sometimes sends me to sleep in fact! well sheep or stitches I suppose it’s all the same)

So I quickly did a little bear for 2 year old C next door…

since I made a little red kitten for A (the neighbourhood tiny gardener) J next door also wanted a red kitten and A asked very politely if I could also make something for little C in pink (he really looks after her, it’s very sweet :) )

Unfortunately I ran out of wool so he has the tiniest ears ever and I think the face is a bit strange looking, a bit bucked toothed maybe…. but I love his big nose :)

And I think I’ve finished little H’s bird…..

If I made another I think I’d pin the polka dots on first to get a nice even pattern before sewing them on, I did these in lines first and then added some around the wing so they’re not very even…. but otherwise I’m really, really happy with it and looking into his face (above) never fails to make me giggle :)

I say it’s finished but I had started making feet for him…. general consensus from friends is that he would be better without feet….

I think they look quite cute….. what do you reckon? Feet or no feet?

I think really the final decision is with little H, I’ll see what she thinks…..



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