Today I went to visit my amazing Auntie Eileen (sister of Daddy B and lovely, lovely lady) who lives in this beautiful part of the world…

and it was sooo good to get out of the city and see miles and miles of rolling green…. even if it was for just a little while.

Auntie Eileen had planned for us to go to a little tea shop that she thought I might like…. and she wasn’t wrong :)

I was having too nice a time to take any pictures but I took this from their Facebook page that you can find here!/ArtHouseCafeDeliGallery

they exhibit art and sell lovely handcrafted things…. as well as their yummy food, homemade cakes, Yorkshire ice cream. I had a spinach and feta filo pastry followed by some gorgeous victoria sponge…. mmmmm and I bought some pretty cards of the artwork on sale and a cute little bird brooch that I love to bits….

a lovely place and I hope to visit there again…. and so thoughtful of Auntie Eileen.

Just as I used to do with Daddy b; me and Auntie Eileen spent lots of time sitting in the car chatting and musing things, when we arrived or before we set off anywhere…. she is so definitely his sister :)

When we arrived at her house I got my first chance to see the “Douglas” rose bush that I bought her in remembrance of Daddy b; she’s planted it outside her front window so she can look out on it :) and it’s flowering for the first time…… beautiful little crimson roses (I meant to take a picture but didn’t get around to it) and 37 buds ready to flower…. it’s truly lovely :)

Auntie Eileen had got out her old supplies of wool, knitting needles etc. and asked me if I’d like to take any of them…. ooooh I was sooo happy :) I’d have loved to have taken it all and the gorgeous little old suitcase that she kept her wool in (so lovely!) but I got the feeling that she didn’t really want to part with it all so I didn’t say :)  She suggested that I took her old knitting bag and filled it with what I want for now, so I picked out some wool and things (including my favourites, some very old crochet hooks made out of bone and old embroidery frames)…..

and what a gorgeous knitting bag :)

I remember this as a child when Auntie Eileen made Aran jumpers for Daddy b and my brother N….. she even used to Fair Isle knit… amazing. And she has lots of gorgeous embroidered cushion covers and table cloths that she made…. I feel very honoured and lucky to have her things.

It’s always a scramble to have tea and get to the station on time as we are loving to chat…. she’s an amazing lady…. what a lovely day visiting :)


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