clothmonkey steps out

Today is flea market day….. eeeeep!

I hope it goes ok, we’re not very organised…. mostly my fault I think as I’ve been silly busy this week…. but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

So last night in preparation I made a few crochet rose brooches to see if anyone likes them……

And I used my little ‘clothmonkey’ tags on the back….. it’s the first time I’ve used them :)

Then I put them on cards…..

stamped with my ‘clothmonkey’ stamp :)

And I’ll have a tiny little ‘clothmonkey’ display on the stall…..

with not very many things in it (but we’re only open for a couple of hours)….. but still, how exciting! :)


2 thoughts on “clothmonkey steps out

  1. Hi there… I hope the flea market went well :)I love your crochet roses, gorgeous. I like to use cotton crochet flowers (flat) in my scrapbooks when I can find them….do you make those too?

    • Hi Caroline, thanks it was pretty exhausting but good fun.
      Yes I make flat flowers to decorate things and little hearts too….. I’ll try to dig out some pictures. They would look lovely in scrapbooking I think…. a nice way to add texture.

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