Flea Market Fun

Oooh goodness, I am absolutely exhausted! Who would have thought that a couple of hours (although it was maybe four if you include setting and packing up) could be so exhausting?

The market was pretty intense at first…. people were queuing up outside and then when it opened it was so rammed full that people could hardly move…. and sooo hot in there. Some of the first people in were pretty mercenary too… hungry for a bargain (I must remember this and behave myself next time I’m at the flea market I visit!)

But it was really good fun and we met lots of characters :) Also some friends came along and it was lovely to see them.

I got rid of lots of stuff (particularly vintage jewellery) and made a nice amount (although I spent some on a candlestick and yet more jugs…. oops ) and  today gave us some good experience and lots of great feedback about us selling lovely things and having a really good vibe about our stall (someone asked us if we had a shop!)

As I had thought though, ‘clothmonkey’ stuff would be better placed at a craft market…..  a couple of things sold (one to good friend K :) ) and lots of people picked up the pincushions in interest but put them down when they saw the price…. not that they were too expensive, but it was a totally bargain hunting crowd who haggled over 50p! …… if we could handle that I think a craft market would seem positively genteel :)

So no pictures today sorry, we didn’t get much chance ! :) ….. and I’d show you my candlestick but I’m flat out on the sofa with a nice g&t….  it’s an early night for me I think :)


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