” a green monkey, with blue ears and blue hair!”

After the flea market madness on Saturday I sat on the doorstep to look at the flowers and enjoy some peace and quiet….. only to be visited by little A, my garden assistant, who wanted to show me his new toy cars and check how the flowers were growing.

We decided which car was the nicest (a bright green truck) and then A said that I should stay there as he had something to show me….. he came back with an armful of soft toys “I made all these toys!” he announced “Like the toys you made!” they were in fact beany babies, but I admired them anyway and we started playing catch with the walrus :)

A asked if I could make him a monkey…. “a green monkey with blue ears and blue hair!” ….. I should really have said no; I’ve already made a toy each for him and the children next door and I haven’t really got the time or money to keep making toys on order for the neighbourhood little people, but I quite liked his idea and was intrigued to see what I could come up with …. maybe Little A can become my toy designer as well as my garden assistant :)

So today I started the green and blue monkey….

here’s what I’ve done so far….. definitely starting to look like a monkey.

In other news…. I’ve been using the money that I earned on Saturday to buy fabrics today (I’ll take some pictures tomorrow) it took me ages and four different shops to get what I wanted… but now I’m looking forward to starting this new project (I’m keeping it a secret until it’s done :) ) and it should also help me in the process of making friends with the new sewing machine which is already proving to be soooo much easier to use than my old 1950’s version (so I won’t be able to blame my tools anymore! )


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