Lovely Day Out

Today I went to Saltaire (World Heritage Site)

I’ve been there many times before for conferences and meetings when I used to work in the area and visiting friends who used to live there; but today I went as a tourist for a lovely day out. I sat by the river with the view above and ate a huuuuge ice cream whilst listening to the weir and feeling the cold breeze it made.

I visited Salts Mill and saw the Hockney exhibition and shopped ’til I dropped…. well I bought a few bits including this amazing book

which is full of gorgeous vintage floral textile patterns and includes a CD so you can print them off and use them for crafts….. perfect! (Lovely bestie C bought me a couple of these books with vintage wallpaper patterns some years ago… they’re such a good idea.)

I also bought a couple of novels as I’m starting to get back into reading again (the amount of reading we did on the psychoanalysis course had led me to taking a break from reading altogether…. it’s good to be back :) )

Then I took a rest and had a nice glass of wine…

and some really good fish pie

(which didn’t hang about too long!) …. I love the Hockney design in the Salts Diner, it made me think of my friend I who has a gorgeous old Dachshund called Pegaz :)

Then after a wander around an antique shop I went for a walk in the sun (yes sun! briefly…. whoop!) and fed some geese

saw a plucky little squirrel scampering about and I enjoyed some of the lovely architecture in the park

a very lovely day out indeed!

If you want to find out more about Saltaire and Salts Mill you can here


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