The green and blue monkey saga

Before I left for my day out yesterday Little A came for a visit and asked to see how his monkey toy was doing. I had run out of green yarn to do the monkey’s arms and legs so Little A suggested that I made them in blue instead and that maybe he could have just one leg and hop everywhere and this would save yarn :) too cute!

Little A was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a monkey wearing a baseball cap, we talked about his t-shirt and Little A asked if his toy monkey could have a baseball cap too… in red.

So I made the cap and suggested that the monkey could have red shoes too match his hat….

After my day out Little A came round again and asked if he could take his monkey home with him so he could take him to bed and said he’d drop him off in the morning so I could finish him off :)

When I got up this morning monkey had been posted through my letter box and so I’ve made him some legs and red shoes….

and I’ve put a letter A on his baseball cap :)

On my way to get the papers I’ll consult with Little A as to whether monkey should have red or blue paws and hopefully get him finished today.

Then I really will have to stop making toys for the little people on the street, but I have LOVED making this monkey because Little A has designed him exactly as he wants him….. what a lovely way to make a toy :)


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