This week I’ve got a WHOLE WEEK OFF!! whoop! And since I still haven’t found anything that grabs me holiday wise (and anything in the UK would be rather damp!) I decided to stay put and get some things done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, including:

  • sewing project
  • finishing off all crochet commissions
  • ripping up the stair and landings carpets
  • painting the stair and landings floor boards (cats maybe an issue here!)
  • painting the bathroom
  • fixing the sink (need to get a man in :/ )
  • putting up the drawer/shelves that I made (need to get another man in :/)
  • sorting out the whole television/internet business (boring!)
  • doing some gardening
  • starting a stash of toys for a stall
  • catching up with friends after toooo long
  • have some lovely days out

hmmm…..  I’m thinking this list is a bit on the ambitious side really…. I’d probably need a month at least…. but I had a lovely day out at the weekend and today got off to a good start

these are the fabrics that I bought this last week with the money I made at the flea market; and I got started on them today. I’m really hoping that it works out as I began to realise that it’s quite a big thing to do and since I haven’t really made anything proper on a sewing machine for about 15 years (and I wasn’t very good then!) maybe I should have attempted something smaller…… but in for a penny….

I’m still not going to tell you what it is until it’s done :) but here’s a little spoiler… you can see neatness does not come too naturally to me but so far so good I think and I’m looking forward to more tomorrow…. I might do something a little easier tomorrow too just as a bit of practise.

But I loved today pottering about in the attic and listening to lovely tunes (although the little sound system in the attic has finally bitten the dust so I’ll have to put up with tinny laptop tunes for the time being)

And when I was feeling satisfied that I’d done enough for today on the sewing, I made these

pretty little luggage tags to attach to the crochet toys…. I made these with the vintage fabric patterns that I got on my Lovely Day Out printed out on some card…. am so pleased with that book it’s just gorgeous.

And now I’ve stopped for some Jamaican Chicken Soup, a chat to Auntie Eileen and maybe a cheeky glass of wine with something on the telly :)


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