What have I begun?!

This is the carpet that was on my stairs and first floor landing (I’m attempting one floor at a time)

I hated this carpet before we even moved in and 11 years, three cats and one hoover reluctant owner later, it’s even worse…. clawed bare in places, stained in places and still a pretty horrible colour….. so today, it’s out!

This would be cause for celebration if it wasn’t for these…

Curse you “Duralay” carpet grippers! Whoever laid this carpet did it very, very well….. every stair, edge and corner is lined with this stuff and every bit of underlay has been stapled into the floorboards…. so I’ve been levering the gripper strips off and probably will be doing this and attacking nails and staples with pliers for the rest of the day.

Last year I painted the lounge this colour….

not the most accurate representation, but it’s kind of a soft grey green, or “Sophisticated Sage” if you will :) by Dulux Timeless Classics range. Anyway, I vastly over estimated how much of this paint I’d need and have two large pots left over…… so the plan is to paint the stair and landings floorboards in “Sophisticated Sage” and put runners down on the landings….. we’ll see how that pans out!

It would be better to paint the floor with a hard-wearing gloss paint (as I did with the bathroom floor) but it takes at least a day to dry properly; with the bathroom I could keep the cats out for that length of time, but with the stairs and landings I’d have no chance…. this paint should dry within four hours so I can chuck the furry family outside for that long with no problems…. well fewer problems! (Kudu cat will still lose the plot a bit no doubt…. it’s a hard kitty life!)

So here’s how things are looking now…

… with Kudu already looking a bit freaked out :)

I hope by the end of today to have done all the prep…. although, these houses are probably about 200 years old and I swear that no-one has cleaned these stairs in that whole time, so I’ve got my work cut out….. and this is only one floor! Any moral support greatly appreciated :)


2 thoughts on “What have I begun?!

  1. My cat freaks out when I do renovations also. I just had the electrician at the house and the cat hid in the kitchen cupboard the whole time they were working. Your floors will be great when they are done!

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