Definite Progress

Lenny Bear was somewhat reticent about letting the old carpet go…… he’s spent many hours cosily sleeping on it over the years and so he staged a sit in :)

but I got it out of the house eventually….. he was just saying his goodbyes maybe.

So after a day of painting and listening to Kudu crying outside (and half an hour chasing her around after the postman knocked and she snook inside) I have painted!

and put out the runner on the first floor landing….. I love it!! Big thanks to Auntie Eileen (who will never read this, she’s 87 and not very computer literate!) who got me the runner for Christmas.

I kind of wish that I’d bought another runner whilst they were still selling them, so that the top floor landing would look like this too… but I’m sure I’ll find something else that’s nice…. or just keep the bare painted boards maybe.  Bit of a dodgy picture…. sorry :/

And here are the stairs…

Two questions for you….

  1. Do you think I should paint the skirtings/wainscoting in the colour it already is (apple white) or the same colour as the stairs (sophisticated sage) ?
  2. Do you think I should leave the stairs plain (after touching up the patchy bits :) or decorate the stair risers (as below)?

Mine would obviously look nowhere near as good as this…. but basically I could paint the risers (front panel of each step) by stamping or stencilling. I was thinking perhaps in a raspberry colour (like the stripes on the runner and the candle), stamping them like I did the inside of this drawer (on the left)…

raspberry and sage do look lovely (could even overlay a bit of gold)….. but would this all be too much?

I can’t decide…..

But for today I’m happy with the landing….

…. and the rest I’ll tackle tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Definite Progress

  1. Love it! The cupboards are amazing! I think that you should definitely decorate the stair panels in something similar. I think that the skirting boards left white would make the colour of your (potential) decoration stand out more, like it has its own little frame!

    • Ah thanks fellow monkey :) Today I have bought more apple white paint…. all the rest of the wood upstairs is apple white so it makes the most sense…
      And you have definitely allowed me to think that the decorated risers would be do-able…. thank you! :) …. now I just need to find some nice stencils.

  2. Well done you’re making great progress! (Having tackled this kind of thing in two houses now I appreciate the work involved!) The apple white skirting is nice but maybe if you don’t fancy all the work of stencilling/ stamping the stairs you could paint the skirting raspberry? As you pointed out it does go so beautifully with the sage green! I might even be tempted to do both (stencil/stamp the risers & paint the skirting raspberry) – but then I am a bit of a color freak ;) am looking forward to seeing what you pick… Happy painting! Helen

  3. Thank you Helen! :) some much need moral support…. you and Little Red Monkey have bolstered my belief that I can make some nice decorated stair risers…. when I can find some nice stencils…. I’ll definitely let you know how I get on!

    p.s. your a fellow crochet toy maker! I love your toys :)

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