Oh my!

Today I’ve been buying paint but also looking to replace the little sound system in the attic and I came across this….

I knew these existed and I liked them…. but when we met face to face! I was in love…… so, so pretty and portable and you can link phones etc to play mp3s….. I stood there in thrall for ages and even set an alarm off twice by picking it up and looking at it…. oops!

But concerned that it would be all style over substance and poor sound quality I settled for a set of much more powerful, much, much cheaper and much, much, much less beautiful speakers and subwoofer for my laptop……

but I can’t get this little fella out of my head….. reviews say that the sound quality is excellent but that the leather covering starts to peel after a while…..  I’m still in love….

I also fell for this amazing little shed….

Just look at that little awning on the side!! I’d paint it up and put a bench under the awning and so after I’d finished potting I could sit with a cup of tea listening to my Roberts radio safe and dry surrounded by hanging flowers….. aahhh!

Unfortunately if I put a shed in my little garden there would be no room for plants :) but we can all dream :)



2 thoughts on “Oh my!

  1. I love that shed! Really cute……mmmmm thinking :D It reminds me of a lady and her husband I got talking to in my friends craft shop one day. It transpired that said hubby built her a log cabin in their garden for her crafting activities! Heated, running water and electricty, telephone connection, all the mod cons….now that’s what I call a shed!

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