Curtains, henna stencils and an owl

……these are the three things that I’m on with at the moment….

On Friday I picked up two pairs of curtains in a sale that were a total steal…. I think it was because they said they were ‘Duck Egg’ but are actually a bit more green and since they were such a bargain I took a punt that they’d look ok in my bedroom (that’s pale greenish) and I’m so glad I did as they’re a perfect match. So one pair is hung at the window and the other pair are to hang over the front of the fitted wardrobes…. but they’re a bit short….  so I’ve decided to add a wide hem of cream damask table cloth to the bottom of them (and maybe some fabric ribbon too)…. but I’ve totally not been bothered to do this yet…. but hopefully this week I will (and my big sewing project will have to wait a bit.)

After ripping out carpets, removing nails and staples and painting floorboards last week, I think I’d just about worn myself out; and coupled with that I had searched and searched for some nice stencils for the stair risers, without much success…. most stencils weren’t very nice and in the DIY store the man said “Oh we stopped selling those about five years ago!” incredulously like I was complaining that they no longer sell beige bathroom suites :)

So I ordered some henna stencils and they arrived today…

I’ve tested them to make sure that the sticky backs won’t pull off the paint on the stairs and they seem good to go :)

And because I got so fed up with painting and faffing about with curtains over the weekend I sulked with some movies and crochet (which usually sees me right) and I came up with this little fella….

I need to try a way of making the join at the top a bit neater, but I’m quite pleased with the design and I’ll write up the pattern to share with you next time I make one.

I didn’t get all my jobs done (in fact I created myself even more!) but I had quite a productive staycation…. it felt like a rest to get back to work! :)


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