Yarn, yarn, yarn…. and organisation

Today I bought a new stash of yarn…

lots of lovely brights as I’m trying to build up a bit of a stockpile of toys (rubbish pic tho… sorry!)

I made a couple of new bears for the pile last week with the yarn from Auntie Eileen ….

I’m quite into the tweedy yarn bear myself and have been really tempted to keep him….  (but if I’m honest with myself I have more than enough bears already so I’ll put him away :) ) …. I had been thinking that brights are the way forward and would have never chosen that tweedy yarn myself… but he’s quite a handsome, traditional looking little bear (if a little short in the arms as I ran out!) so maybe I’ll make a few more tweedy type bears (and perhaps rabbits too)….. I’ll have to have a another look in Auntie Eileen’s old stash :) she loves naturals and tweeds,  but my stash of bright colours for toys has been running low so I was pleased to get stocked up today and am itching to get stuck into them…..

However, I was reminded the other day of two commissions that I haven’t finished yet because I keep getting distracted and starting new things….. oh dear…  I need to be a bit more organised and come up with a plan I think, so that I have time to do a bit of everything….

and a bit more disciplined to finish the things that I start without getting distracted by new ideas….

hmmm I’ll let you know how that goes….. in the meantime though, recently Wednesday night has become movie night…. yay! so I’m going for a bath and to get into my pjs for an evening of movies and crochet…. and who knows I might just get one of those commissions finished :)


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