Grumpy Monkey

It’s been a funny week this week…. I’ve had a bit of the grumps, but not just that also a bit of a scatterbrain…. unable to start or get into anything.

Mid week I totally burned a pan of rice that I completely forgot about…. and a lovely vintage enamel pan too, like a Catherine Holm pan

so I was pretty gutted… and it’s been soaking in all manner of things since to get it clean (biological washing powder, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, cola… and combinations of them all) it’s nearly there (I think biological washing powder and a little hot water has been best.) but has lost bits of enamel in the process :(

And lots of my jobs have just been left…. I even abandoned movie night in favour of my lovely bed.

But I did finish one of the outstanding commissions (Yay!!! another that I think I procrastinated over because I wanted to get it just right)…. for a lovely friend who helped me out of a tight spot. I’ll tell you more about it and show you a picture when it’s been gifted as I think it was requested as a surprise for someone else :)

And the other night I ended up selling one of the bears out of the stock pile I’m trying to build up for craft stalls…. at this rate I’ll never have enough… but it is lovely that people really want to buy them…. so I’m not complaining :)

One thing that has been really cheering me up this week are these beauties on my doorstep

they’re just gorgeous and I love the colour….

I’ve been really neglectful of the little garden this summer; with all the never ending rain we’ve been having I’ve missed my usual water, deadhead and potter before bedtime and just left it all to its own devices…. but these beauties have just quietly grown away no trouble and what a lovely welcome home they are, on my doorstep every evening :)


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