Hot sunny days and vintage fabrics

Some years ago when I woke up to a sunny day, I’d slather myself in cocoa butter and get straight outside…. these days I’m all about the sunscreen and more concerned about how the sunshine shows up what needs a good clean and how much washing I could get dried on such a lovely day :)  how things change!

Also yesterday my old friend T got in touch about dying vintage lace panels for her lounge windows…. what a great idea! She shared this picture of an old lace panel….

so beautiful…. and she’s thinking about dying hers pale blue…. I think it’ll look gorgeous :) (I really hope she wins the bid on the ones she wants)

…… and this had got me thinking about lovely old vintage fabrics and some of the bits that I’ve collected over the years…..  and how I should really take better care of them, so I washed some of my collected stuff today….

What I love about many vintage fabric pieces (including beautiful old vintage lace) is that so much skill and work went into producing them….

…. that someone sat for hours and had a very intimate relationship with their piece of their work

and it’s been admired and loved and used since then…. like pieces of fabric are full of meaning and bits of people’s lives…..

…..and so really they deserve to be looked after well and enjoyed…. they’re somehow very precious.

Thanks for that reminder T :) ….. that said, I am about to hack up a vintage table-cloth that’s just finished drying on the line, to hem my new wardrobe curtains……   but don’t worry it’s not hand worked like any of these.


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