Bookish : The Flavour Thesaurus.

As I have re-established my love affair with books (after being on a break from that relationship for a while after finishing studying) I’ve decided to try to regularly share a book with you that I like or has had a big impact in my life (or both).

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit (2010) Bloomsbury

Last night I was reminded of this book when I decided to make a soup out of fresh peas and feta cheese….. would it work? (I’ve yet to find out…. it’s waiting in the fridge for my dinner this evening) …. but I checked it out in this book (pea and feta doesn’t feature) and then spent at least the next hour just browsing through……

Lovely Bestie C bought me this book a couple of years ago….. Lovely Bestie C has amazing style and taste; and as we’ve been besties for the better part of 25 years he knows me very well….. we do good gifting (apart from the Christmas that he got me a penknife!…. to be fair there were mitigating circumstances….. but we won’t go there)…..  this book was intended as a Christmas present but when I got what was thought to be glandular fever he brought this round as part of a care package to cheer me up :)

And this book has regularly cheered me up since then…. as well as the gorgeous cover and the lovely ‘proper book’ hardback feel to it, this book is an amazing reference for people who have food raptures…. those moments when you are totally overcome by the flavour and experience of eating something.

It has recipes, funny stories, witty comments, but most of all endless research has gone into suggesting what to eat with what to bring out the very best in amazing flavours. This book allows you to enjoy food to its full potential in its simplist forms by just pairing it with something else.

For example I got a haul of amazing blackberries a couple of years ago and made jams and syrups and compotes etc. This book suggested blackberries with ripe washed-rind cheese; I’d never have considered it myself, but serious food raptures followed….. so delicious!

If I ever really fancy something but don’t know how I want to eat it, or if I have limited food in the fridge and want to make the best of what I’ve got….. this book comes out.

In the book foods are categorised into different flavour types, each type has a chapter that presents each food one by one with its ideal pairings listed alphabetically…. it is just as it says, a thesaurus of foods and flavours….. what a brilliant idea!

I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves their food…. it’s a book to come back to again and again and it delights me every time.


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