Skill swapping

My house is lovely but it does have a fair few idiosyncracies…. well,  by that I think I mostly mean things that need fixing…. I’m surprisingly adaptable when comes to not having to have a man in to sort something out; like the special way I have of running the hot water in order to get a full hot baths worth….. simple but effective, but probably not as effective as getting a decent boiler :)

Earlier in the year, every time my washer hit spin cycle the kitchen electrics cut out and the burglar alarm set off……. only for about five minutes and then it was all ok again, so true to form I adapted my routine making sure I did washing during the day so as not to wake the neighbours….. but one day it finally went completely.

As I was as poor as a church mouse I put a plea up on Facebook for anyone willing to look at my electrics for crochet toys or baking :) and super star D said he would come round and have a look. He not only identified the problem but totally sorted it out…. amazing!

In return he asked if I could make a Domo phone jumper for him to give as a birthday present and after a couple of months procrastinating (I was worried I would be able to do it) I finally got it done last week…. just in time for D’s lucky lady’s birthday….

I think it looks like it needs a trip to the orthodontist… like a 70’s Bowie Domo…. I offered to do it again using felt for the teeth to make them totally even but D said he was happy with it and preferred it all in yarn and that it looked much better in the flesh…… he’s very kind :)  I think if I did it again I would use a finer yarn to make the teeth easier to do (and neater!)

But there he is….. and I definitely think skill swapping is the way forward (although I think I totally got the best deal in that swap!)


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