Monday, Monday….

ooh it was difficult getting up today…. I had a lovely weekend including this

and these beautiful views….

and after being woken up at 4am by Kudu cat, I struggled to get going and into work today…..

but three things have cheered me up and made Monday a little less… well, Monday.

One was a message to confirm that I got a place on an embroidery workshop that I’d applied for that had been really over-subscribed. It’s actually with the Women’s Institute (which makes me chuckle a bit) but this is my local W.I. group

and I’ve been meaning to go to one of the workshops for at least a couple of years…. so I’m looking forward to going to the “Night of the Living Thread” :) later this week and was so pleased when I found out…. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The second lovely thing today….

teeny, tiny little cakes! (pen for perspective :) )   Lovely colleague D brought these in for her birthday

What a treat! with a nice cup of fresh coffee at my desk…. helped me work with a smile (and made me a bit giddy for the rest of the afternoon… I shouldn’t really do caffeine!)

then (after a very kind lift home) I’ve had a really good impromptu night in with M and pizza…. hurray for a happy Monday! :)




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