I had to wait in for the gas and tv men this afternoon, so I cracked on with the embroidery from the workshop last night….

I was pleased to have something to be getting on with as I always find it really awkward when people come to the house to do stuff… I never know what to do with myself…. I once sat in the room chatting to a plumber whilst he worked and he ended up asking me out! :/ that wasn’t really the message I wanted to be giving…. crafting in such circumstances is definitely the way forward I think.

I quite like the little embroidery… but I really need to practice my stitches to get them neater…. my french knots are all different sizes :) but I’ve loved doing it and I think it will be a great addition to my bedroom wall.

Oooh… and now I’ve got TiVo! (if I ever work out how to use it!!)



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