Night of the Living Thread

Today has been busy, busy….  I did two different training courses (for work) in different parts of the city, had a very late lunch, then went into the office for a couple of hours and then straight on to the WI workshop.

My local Women’s Institute group is much younger than your average WI and is called ‘Buns and Roses’

I discovered them a couple of years ago but have never got around to going to one of their workshops….. until tonight and I loved it :) :)

I swallowed my shyness, put on a bit of lippy (for courage!) and went along…. and I was soon chatting away, looking at some amazing embroidery books and then got settled into the workshop with a BIG glass of wine.

The workshops run in the function room of a hotel in the city and tonight for a few pounds we got a pack including an embroidery hoop, wonderweb, needles and a stitch guide each and choice of lots of lovely fabrics, buttons, beads, threads etc etc…. and free rein to do our thing.

I chose to do an applique sort of flower and here’s what it looks like so far….

there were so many different designs, methods that people chose to do…. beaded Russian dolls, embroidered birds…. even an applique skull and crossbones santa :)

It was loads of fun…. and I’m looking forward to finishing off my flower…. and I got some good tips to use on the toys that I applique…. yay!’

Despite my busy, busy day and feeling tired out, I left with a big smile and thinking about going along to the ‘Knit and Natter’ in a couple of weeks…..  although for myself I’ll be more a ‘Crochet and cackle’ :)


3 thoughts on “Night of the Living Thread

    • Ahh thank you, yes, that’s why it’s taken me 2 years to get there! :) it was a bit weird at first but when we got going it was really lovely… bite the bullet and do it I say :) x

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