Making, visiting, foraging

I’m having a very lovely day today….. I hope you are too :)

Apart from being woken up very early by the small people outside my window arguing over whose scooter is best :) it was such a lovely sunny morning that I got straight out of bed and on with my day.

First I made a cottage pie (mmmm…. one of my all time favs) but I didn’t have many potatoes so I went for a retro 70’s department store cafe look….

whipping the mash until it was really light and then piping it on to make it go further…. works a treat and goes all crispy and yums.

I started yet another project…. even though I’m part way through about another hundred….. but this will definitely be finished by next week and it’s another Super Secret Surprise so I’m keeping zipped for now….. but I’ll show you it soon.

Oh, ok…. here’s a sneak preview :)

This afternoon I went to visit my friend M and her two amazingly cute little boys S and E…. so lovely to see them and how they’re growing… new teeth and standing for E; new words and a potty for S :) lovely growing boys.

On the way home it was beautiful and sunny again so I got off the bus early and took a wander through the park to see if the blackberries are ready to pick yet, but…. noooooo!!!

This whole area used to be filled with loads and loads of brambles and was my secret foraging place…. I could fill a carrier bag and still go back for more…. gutted! the whole lot has been cleared and practically all the others in the park too…. although I did manage to find a few that are still green…. I’ll have to keep my eye on them, the wild ones are so much tastier in jam.


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