Asian Bazaar

After work today I passed by the market to pick up some supplies for my Super Secret Surprise (and a couple of other lovely bits of fabric that I might start using for Christmas things.)

I love the market on a Wednesday because it’s ‘Asian Bazaar’ day and there is everything on sale from herbs to bindi, CDs to jewellery and lots and lots of beautiful fabrics….

I love the fabrics with bright jewel-like colours and intricate designs and have used them in the attic room for cushion covers and gauzy, hot pink curtains…. the paint colours in the attic were inspired by indian dresses in turquoise, hot pink and hot orange.

But my ultimate favourite stalls in the bazaar are the ones selling ribbons, lace and braiding…

soooo beautiful and I browse through for ages…. I could spend a fortune! :)

I use the braiding to decorate the edge of shelves around Christmastime (and all year round in the attic room); to wrap presents and to decorate cushions and curtains and things…. and some of them I just have lying about the place because they’re pretty and they make me smile.



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