Mixed bag of stuff and things

Lots seems to have been happening over the past few days…. but here’s a few incidental bits and bobs….

1. Kitty visit….

Years ago in a shared house we took in a young cat “T’other” who turned out to be pregnant, Lovely Bestie C took a shine to one of the kittens (Kenny, C’s little man :) ) who ended up being in a stand-off with the mean Siamese from down the road and running away :(

C always said that he had gone to join the navy as a ships cat :) …. well the other morning I heard mewing from in the garden and there he was!! (or at least a cat who looked just like Kenny) sitting with my old man Lenny Bear (who we always suspected to be the kittens father)….. Kenny came back from sea!! He came in the house and had a wander around, lazed in the garden and ate biscuits for a couple of days and it would appear has gone back to meet his ship :)

2. Autumnal crochet…

I mentioned Christmas crafting the other day… but long before Christmas is my favourite season Autumn, I love the colours, the smells, the food and wrapping up in cozy knits and nice boots…… and I picked up some gorgeous yarn the other day from a truly lovely shop that’s just around the corner from a friend I was visiting. Baa Ram Ewe http://www.baaramewe.co.uk/ sells British wool and is well worth a look….. another place that I could spend a small fortune in…. but I restricted myself to a few bits including this….

their very first own brand yarn, a beautifully soft 4 ply called ‘Titus’ after Titus Salt the mill owner. It’s so light and soft with a British wool and alpaca blend; I’ve started to crochet it up with a pea green into an oversized beanie hat for autumn…

and hopefully I’ll have enough for some matching wristwarmers.

As the yarn came in hanks, to avoid tangles I spent at least two hours yesterday balling it up…. the cats have never shown an interest in yarn balls before, but these perfect (ish!) sphere’s proved too much temptation for Pumie cat who I caught in the act of chasing one around the lounge earlier…. very cute :) but no!!

3.Granny Pictures….

I seem to have a strange liking for absolute granny pictures, by that I don’t mean pictures of grannies, that would be plain weird (except my own obvs!) but pictures that my grandma would have kept around the place and I think I’ve inadvertently started a collection on my bedroom wall. I spotted and bought this one in the charity shop up the road earlier….

I know! but I love it…. and to be fair the colours are much nicer in the flesh… :)

4. Pavement chalk…

There seems to be a bit of a trend for pavement chalk around these streets at the moment…. probably due to parental desperation mid-way through the summer holidays :) ….and it’s so lovely to see the scribbles, names and pictures on the streets….

this one made me smile on my way back from the bus today :)

So there it is…. a bit random… but four posts for the price of one…. if you’ve managed to fight your boredom to read this far :)

I’m cracking on with the Super Secret Surprise now…. I need to finish it very soon.


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